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A Selection of Published Articles by Jill E. Vaile© 2010

Blogs, Blogging and More

  • Introduction to Blogs
    The history and proliferation of blogging.
  • About Blogs
    More on in's and out's of blogging.
  • What Is RSS?
    Really Simple Syndication- explained really simply.

  • Copyright

  • Part One
    outlines a brief history of U.S. Copyright Law, and how it is interpreted to determine Copyright Ownership.
  • Part Two
    What is eligible, Fair Use, Copyright Infringement and How-To for Register your works.
  • Part Three
    DRM, and what "CopyLeft" is all about.

  • Got Tech?

  • How do your Tech skills measure up? Take the Writers Tech Check Quiz and see where you stand! (It works for everyone, not just writers!)
  • Get the answers to the Tech check Quiz. Don't peek unless you've done the Quiz!
  • Try A Hub to Connect
    for your SOHO needs. Here's help in deciding if this is set-up will work best for your needs.
  • Texas A&M Case Study
    is an interesting case study on the upgrade at Texas A & M.
  • Molly Holzschlag,
    known as one of the top ten influential women on the web, shared her predictions on coming changes in the online world. Exclusive interview, 2001.
  • Molly Interview: Conclusion

  • e-Rights and Interesting Info

  • The State of the People
    how about what the rest of us feel? -written in 2001
  • eBooks &ePublishing
    everything you need to know to publish and find eBooks & ePublishers
  • Eldred vs. Ashcroft
    a high profile case challenging Congress' legal right to modify copyright term extensions. An entire e-rights movement took front and center over this important issue.
  • Rosetta Publishing
    a small publishing company sought to have e-books declared a separate entity from those in print to reap the benefits of new contracts for digital use.
  • Rosetta & Random House
    The two publishers came to an agreement following the decision.
  • Homeland Security & You.
    How the government implemented Acts and Statutes that affect your Rights and Privacy.

  • Issues That Face Freelance Writers And Photographers

  • Freelance Writers Say NO
    to All Rights Contracts.
  • Freelance writers face down
    Penguin Putnam over their rights contracts.
  • AOL's Digital City Now Digital Dust!
    My breaking story about AOL pulling the plug onstaff and freelancers in San Francisco, with no warning and no pay.