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by Jill E. Vaile(c)2007

Legal E-Rights Issues, Tools, Free Forms

The internet provides us with a considerable number of useful and viable resources in the world of law.
From Divorce to Wills, forms for practically every legal contingency, and information abound.
Whether you are an attorney, in need of some advice, or just curious, you should find all of the following links and information quite useful.

Electronic Rights Issues

  • What is a Book?
  • Discusses Random House v Rosetta Books
  • Copyright Law & Collective Works
  • addresses the decisions reached in The New York Times Co., Inc., et al. v. Jonathan Tasini, et. al., Greenberg v. National Geographic Society and Random House, Inc. v. Rosetta Books
  • Permissions & Out-Of-Print Clauses
  • in Publishing Agreements
  • Grant of Rights & Royalty Clauses
  • in Publishing Agreements
  • Tasini
  • revisited
  • Who Controls Electronic Rights
  • in Publishing Agreements-the Publisher or Writer?
  • Going Beyond
  • the Grant of Rights Clause

  • Tools To Use

  • check a vehicle VIN, get registration history
  • Free Edgar
  • FreeEDGAR offers free, unlimited access to real-time SEC filings amp; more.
  • Reverse Directory
  • from FindLaw
  • Law Spider
  • tool for ecommerce law
  • Searching For Evil
  • the Nature of Evil & Persistence in the American Legal System
  • Support Guidelines
  • Comprehensive resource interprets and applies Child Support Guidelines in the U.S., with links to State Guidelines & Enforcement Agencies, News, a Support Calculator, and more.

  • Trademark Info

  • Federal Trademark Registration
  • the Nuts & Bolts
  • Trademark Protection
  • in Cyberspace
  • Trademark FAQs
  • Get the answers to all your TM questions.

  • Miscellaneous Legal Information

  • American Assn of Law Libraries
  • Job Hotline, Meetings & Conferences & More
  • Constitutional Law
  • explores the issues and controversies surroundiing the U.S. Constitution.

  • Free Forms

  • Free Legal Forms
  • Agreements, Assignments, Contracts Declarations, Of Irrevocable Trust, Of Life Insurance Trust, Of Revocable Trusts, Notices, Power Of Attorneys.
  • Law Guru
  • forms are available in the following areas: Accounting, Affidavits, Assignments, Bankruptcy, Bill of Sale, Business, Collections, Confidentiality, Contracts, Copyright, Corporations, Credit, Declarations, Deeds, Divorce, Employment, Entertainment Law, Family & Consumer, Family Law, Government, Health Care, Homestead, Indemnity Agreements, Intellectual Property, Internet, Landlord & Tenant, Leases, Limited Liability Co., Living Trusts, Living Wills, Name Change, Non-Compete, Non-Disclosure, Notices, Parental Permissions, Partnership, Power of Attorney, Promissory Notes, Quitclaim Deed, Real Estate, Receipts, Releases, Sale of Goods, Spanish Forms, Technology, Trusts, UCC Forms, Wills