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(c)2013 jill e vaile

Wherever you are is the entry point.

Life is a series of actions and emotions, of choices and lessons,
of love and memories.
I'm a creator of words and art
and a collector and sharer of truth and beauty.

I embrace the unfolding path of connection with faith.

I invite you to walk with me, share in the blessings of life,
in joy and sorrow, through the written word-and the photographic eye.

There is no mistake, or coincidence.
There is Gratitude.

Once the writer has opened the door to their words, there is no going back,
no better way, no denying what lives inside.
The challenge lies only in making the words better,
improving the words that tell the tale,
and reaching the most eyes and ears possible with which to share.

To take the story to it's audience, written or verbal, is the true test
of community and the endurance of history.


Images tantalize the eye. There is beauty everywhere you look,
something of value, of interest, of impact. It demands recording.
You can appreciate the photograph-or the written word, as separate forms.
Perfection results when the camera enhances the words, and the image is an integral part of the total experience.
Together, words tell the tale- and the photos make it real.
The eye sees the picture- the ears hear the story.
A photographer's challenge is to entice others to experience what they are missing- or can not, or will not, see.
It brings joy to the heart and soul.

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